Best Customizable Multiple Color Styles WordPress Themes

I came across a few more great looking WordPress themes. This time the focus is on themes that provide the best customizable options in the Presentation area of WordPress theme without the need to edit the theme PHP template files. These WordPress themes also provide multiple styles and variations of the theme colors and styling, which can be changed with the click of a button.

JS Theme 2.0 PolarBear WordPress Theme

Description: A Two Column Beautiful Fluid layout and Design.
Designer: Jay Kwong.
SEO: Average.
Documentation Ease of Use: Average.
Support: Well supported.
Extra Features: Supports a large number of Plugins, Based on the k2 Themes
Download Link: JSBox WordPress Theme
Demo: JsBox Theme
Special Features: Multiple CSS Styles

JS Theme 2.0 PolarBear is a beautiful WordPress theme, it is based on K2 and has all the goodness of k2 and more. It comes in a five different flavors. This theme is a fluid theme i.e. the width of the theme auto adjust with the change in browser or screen resolution, but the theme looks best at 1024 screen resolution. Similar to the original K2 theme this theme has a large number of customizable options.

Free WordPress theme

NOScope WordPress Theme

Description: A Two Column Beautiful Fluid and Fixed layout(you can choose between the two) and Design.
Designer: NoScope Development Team.
SEO: Average.
Documentation Ease of Use: Good.
Support: NA.
Extra Features: Supports a decent number of Plugins,
Download And Demo Link: Here
Special Features: Multiple CSS Styles

This is an old theme but beautiful and clean WordPress theme. I never featured it because the theme author didn’t seem interested in updating the theme. The theme has been updated at last. Now it works both on WordPress 2.0 and 2.2. It comes packed with multiple header images and multiple CSS Styles. CSS Styles include a Dark and Light Color schemes also a RTL (Right To Left) CSS Style for Arabic languages.

Cool WordPress Theme

Subtle WordPress Theme

Description: A Two Column Professional Layout and Design.
Designer: NoScope Development Team.
SEO: Average.
Documentation Ease of Use: Good.
Support: Good.
Extra Features: Supports for Muti-Author blog.
Download Link: gluedideas Theme Download
Demo: gluedideas Theme Demo
Special Features: Multiple Professional CSS Styles

This is another old theme with support for muti-author blogs. I has a clean and professional layout, and a number of color themes to choose from, I personally like the Apart scheme which is inspired by AlistApart. Subtle Muti Author WordPress Theme

hoofeiv3 WordPress Theme

Description: A Two Column Hemmingway Inspired Layout and Design.
Designer: Hoofie.
SEO: Average.
Documentation Ease of Use: Good.
Support: NA.
Extra Features: Extra Customisable Options.
Download Link: Download [download#2#nohits] Theme.
Demo: NA
Special Features: NA

Here’s A Bonus WordPress Them called Hoofiev3, I love this theme. I wanted to feature it in my previous Best WordPress themes Articles but it was was not available for download as the author had moved to a different blogging platform. I requested him for the theme and he kind enough to give it to me.

hoofie Free WordPress Theme

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Awesome list there man. I have used the Hoofei theme previously for my blog. I tried to use the JS Theme but at that time its author site was down. Lol this list is making me greedy :P

@DJ yeah hoofie and JSbox are pretty sweet.

I just can’t resist to visit your site everyday. I RSS feed, but I would like to visit to show that I am reading your blog.

Nice work! Very very well done!

Thanks Terence, I know what you mean. lol. I visit your blog every day too :) even though I read through my Rss Reader you have some great tips for increasing traffic.

Thank Friends ….^_^

Hey, cool list in here. I liked the NOScope WP Theme.

Great list. I liked the Hoofei and JS theme. :-)

I love these posts. I’ll give JS theme a try on my new blog.

Great themes man , i love the Hoofei one .

Posted in the wrong thread a while ago. I find Mandigo to be the best customizable theme that I have come across. Thanks for your list. Here:

they Jon thanks I’ve bookmarked that Theme will blog about it in my next series of wordpress themes post

hello, friends me.
i am so said. i like theme but not set on my computer
please please tell me how to use any theme on my computer. my mail id is pl . tell me everybody.

great one…!!

the demo now points into a website with zip virus. dont download them.

:( I almost got infected

@fedmich Which zip file has the virus in it ?

Just a quick note to let your readers know that Subtle for WordPress (aka Glued Ideas – Subtle) has been updated to provide widget support for WP 2.3+. In the next few weeks I’ll also be adding tag support. Thanks for the write-up!

Can you recommend a WordPress theme that allows visitors to choose the colour schemes from the site’s page?

Anyways, thanks for the list!