Back from the dead

Its going to be almost a year since I have blogged. Its time to get back to blogging and revive this blog again. Lot of things have been happening on my side. 2008 was one the best and worst year of my life, personally and career wise. A few things I would like to highlight are.

  • I was awarded the Microsoft MVP Most Valuable Professional.
  • I quit my IT Job at the software company I was working at.
  • I switched to a Mac, I brought a mac book pro 15′.
  • I been backpacking and traveling. Bhutan, Dubai, Goa, Kodaikanal etc.
  • I been doing volunteer work here and there.

So whats next.

  • Start blogging again.
  • Revamp the site and design.
  • Start Freelancing as a web designer and developer.
  • Lots more backpacking and traveling.

If you’ve been a long time reader, my apologies for the neglect. Do let me know what you like to see on this blog, and how we can improve it further.

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What a coincidence! Two minutes ago I visited your blog to see if there any news from you… and now I received this article in my feed reader :)

Good luck!

Pavel Ciorici » :) well lets hope things take off soon.

hey Arpit:

Long time no see. I was wondering where you were up to. It’s been a while since I saw your new post on Google Reader. I know how that feel when you can travel with your laptop.

I was on my 6 months backpacking in 2006. It is the best time in my whole life. I belong to myself and the world belong to me. :)

Looking forward to reading your new post and new blog.

hey terence glad to see you still around. Tell me all about it, I’ve had the best time ever, and I can’t seem to stop traveling now.

Goog luck for 2009.

Welcome back to the blogosphere Arpit. This is the first time I am visiting ur blog. It looks cool. I would suggest u make some posts on tweaking blogger to give it a professional look. I am new to blogging and technically challenged. Would be helpful for people like me who wanna learn website designing.
Do u know how to add a third column to the ‘stretch denim’ template on blogger. I spent a few hours trying to do so but failed.

Good to hear from you. I never really commented here, however did visit often. I was like, where are you? LOL. This is Good News. Looking forward to your Posts. In the Email you said that we can Request Stuff correct? If so, I basically would like to know. What is the Best way to Improve your Alexa Ranking? My New Blog is sitting on 634k+
Thank you.

Hey, welcome back. I remember coming here quite a lot, though I’d never left a comment, then there were no posts. Suddenly, as if your blog was calling me, your name came up on a search today while for a designer to transform my Web site away from a blog template, but still use WordPress as CMS.

Looking forward to your posts, new theme(s) and anything else. Glad you’re back! I wish you the best in everything you do and I hope you had a great time.

Good to hear from you. I have read some of your previous posts.

Hope you update ur blog with lots of posts soon

Hey man,

Welcome back. Good to hear from you again. Wow, I see that you have been doing some awesome things. Nice to know that you are on the Mac, after much deliberation and time I see ;-). I have also shifted to the MacBook Pro 15″. Looking forward to hearing more…

Btw, check the Direct message on twitter. :)

hey dude .. welcome back … all the best for future work … :-D

hi dear,
welcome again in the world of bloggers…
and what a coincidence i have also made a come back yesterday after leaving my blog as a orphan in 2006…
suman visit my new blog

thanks guys working on the new theme will be up and running soon. anyways glad to see some of my old readers :)

Hey dead man,good to see you again. Wish you all the best for you new theme. you havent mentioned about your new bike! congrds for MS MVP.

Like reading your blog. Good luck for the future. Guess will see more articles from you.

Welcome back, Arpit. I had unsubscribed some time last year, but have been checking in occasionally to see any possible movements. I’ve subscribed again – expecting great things.

Good to see you as a freelance web dev – do make a portfolio of your work (and even blog about it like David Airey), as I’m sure it would be awesome stuff. I’m pretty happy to see more Indians going the freelance web design/dev route – I hope to do so after I complete my schooling :)

Welcome back :D
Added this blog to my feed reader =)

gud to see ur back…

I’m really glad to see you back Arpit!

hello arpit,

so nice to see this post. Do you remeber me . We met at south asia MVP meet in goa. Am from kerala. I send you many mails but no relys. Now I know why you not responded.

Nice to see you back in action. I uploaded all the mvp meet photos I had in the site I missed so many pictures that were in your cybershot.

get back to me arpit at


You love cat bottoms!

Hey dead man,good to see you again.

Died, or not died

Hey, welcome back. What I’d like to see? More posts! ;)

WOW! As I waited to hear from you I never really commented here, however did visit often. I was like, LOL. This is so good. Looking forward to your mail. You said that we can. What is the best way to improve Alexa? Do you remember we met at kerala. I send you many mails but no replies. Now I know why you not responded.

You back in action. I uploaded all photos I had. I missed so many cat bottoms!

Well, restarting has equal charm as starting, if one is really serious. Is there a thing called “Writers Block” for bloggers too?


Nice to see you back..waiting for some thoughtful post..I started blogging in your absence (Nov 18,2008)and this is my first occurrence.

Hello again, we welcome friends, we were also “eyes remained in the way, where are you?” :)) Also thank you very much.

Welcome back ;) we waiting your good posts

good news to see you back Arpit