At Last Google Analytics Revamps and Redesigns Interface

A while back I had reviewed Ten Best Free Web Statistics and Analytics Packages and had given google analytics negative points for usability. The Google Analytics blog just announced that they have redesigned and revamped the analytics interface. This was one of the major drawbacks of Google Analytics, while it was a powerful web statistics program it was way to complicated to use. The new redesign will be rolled out slowly looking at the screen the interface looks really awesome. I am sure the majority of bloggers every where have been using Google analytics and this new redesign gives more reasons to use it. I been using Reinvigorate too for the past one month it has a much better user interface I was tempted to lable it as the best web statistics program but now with the recent revamp of the Google Analytics interface it does not stand a chance.

Google Analytics and Statistics

Google Analytics and Statistics

From the analytics Blog.

What’s different?
We’ve redesigned the reporting interface for
greater customization and collaboration. This should make it easier for
businesses and website owners to find and share the data you need to
make informed decisions. The new version presents data more clearly and
in context, so you can look at a single report to gain insights rather
than having to pull up several reports to understand what action to

Here are some of the improvements:

  • Email and export reports: Schedule or send ad-hoc personalized report emails and export reports in PDF format.
  • Custom
    Dashboard: No more digging through reports. Put all the information you
    need on a custom dashboard that you can email to others.
  • Trend and Over-time Graph: Compare time periods and select date ranges without losing sight of long term trends.
  • Contextual help tips: Context sensitive Help and Conversion University tips are available from every report.

You can watch the Video here to see the new interface in Action, or look at the new features with screen shots. MorderLifeIsRubbish has some Really good screenshots

Time To say good bye to other statistics programs.

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I’ve tried using google analytics but apparently I am not applying the javascript code in the correct spot on my page. Any suggestions on where to put the code for us wordpress users?

you’ll need to edit your wordpress footer.php and but the code above the html body tag file or better still use a plugin like I am doing. Check My about page to see the list of plugins I am using.