A Terrorist’s Profile On Orkut

Orkut is extremely popular in India. Its the MySpace for Indians. Sabeel Ahmed a terrorist (and I am ashamed to say an Indian National) who was arrested by the Australian police recently has a profile on Orkut, I was curious so I went to his profile to have a glance, his ScrapBook (Comments Section) is filled with scraps from people(Indians) heaping abuse on him. According to the mutiny the authorities are looking into his friends list and Orkut activity. I don’t use Orkut much, its more like I am forced to use it since a huge number of my friends are there on it. I suddenly realized that Orkut is much bigger than what I had thought it to be. I used to think of it as a silly social networks for Indians. According to Alexa orkut is the second most popular site for Indians beating even Google Search WOW.

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Yea… I knew orkut is big, but never knew its the second…. cool!

WOW… that is scary ..

orkut is now blocked in UAE, so I dont think i can check this . But hey , there might be a possibility that the profile is created by someone else and uploaded the snap. This is a possibility !! As there were many cases before also , where ppl uploaded others snap and created false profiles. But anyway till the time they use it to abuse terrorist its fine. But I think Orkut is tooo open, it should have certain restriction based on content. I think its more used for adult stuffs.

@kanak Thats why facebook is starting to pick up real fast In fact Facebook could be the next Orkut for Indians read this article here http://www.watblog.com/?content=detail&id=859 you can clearly see why Indians are ditching Orkut for Facebook.

yeah that was a gr8 article. Today !! finally i responded to one invite and joined facebook. But still I doubt how much i will be using it. But anyway, I hope guys a google realize what is happening .

Thanks for the mention Arpit.

@chacko your welcome

orkut is very popular with brazilians too :)