A little About Me And The SandPress Theme

Today’s been a weird day. Just a few days back I was lamenting that nothing exciting seemed to be happening with my blog and was brainstorming various ways I could make SandPress better and post better content. Its one of those days when a number of things start happening at once, lots of emails, messages and Phone Calls. What the heck one friend called all the way from the Dubai just to congratulate me. Another friend who is neither a blogger or a geek phoned me up (I was a bit dumbstruck that he actually read my blog daily). People whom I don’t know have been poping up on my site to leave comments. I have experienced the DIGG effect but this is completely different, unlike Digg it didn’t send me any major traffic but it sent me a lot of nice people. The weirdest part is, I realized that a large number of people are silently reading this blog. I didn’t expect a simple WordPress theme to create such a buzz, sure I put in a lot of hard work coming back from office and sitting late hours working on the theme etc, etc. But I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I see that a simple theme could make so many people appreciate my efforts. Suddenly I got a small inkling on how Open Source developers feel like, why Open Source supporters are so passionate about their work. It also makes me wonder how the WordPress developers feel like, developing a software which is used by millions of people all over the world.

Anyway I think I am getting a bit sentimental.

A Little About Me

Adii had asked me for a mini-interview a while back, he has posted it on his blog (talk about perfect timing). If You want to know a little bit about me and hear my views on Design and WordPress head over there He has also done interviews with large number of well know people and I am honored be among them. Matt Mullenwag (founder of WordPress) , Seth Godin (A-List Blogger and Best Selling author of business books), Scott Wallick (SandBox Developer), Johnathan snook (Well know Web Designer and Developer), Small Potato (Needs no introduction) Chris Garrett(professional Blogger marketer), Lorelle van Fossen (needs no introduction).

Here are some snippets which I think are the most relevant. You can read the full interview over here.

How I got into Blogging

In 2006, BlogCamp.in India’s largest and First Bloggers UnConferece took place in Chennai there were more than 300 bloggers from around the country and from different parts of the world, I also happened to be part of the organizing committee. Till that point of time I had never taken blogging seriously but in those two days I realized how big blogging was. It was an amazing experience meeting bloggers in real life and it also happened to the first Unconference I had ever attended.

Why I Use WordPress

I found WordPress to be the most user friendly from an end users perspective, even the installation procedure was quick and easy. As a web developer developing Themes and customizing for WordPress was extremely easy to understand and work with.

On Choosing a Color Scheme

I found that the most successful web designers are the ones who are able to choose a color scheme that appeals to the larger audience. Its not just about choosing the colors its also about how you use the colors with the design elements.

On Free WordPress Themes and Freelancing

I don’t think the availability of free themes effects WordPress Web Designers in any way. In fact its the availability of these free themes that has lead to the exponential growth and Popularity of WordPress.

You need to acquire as much knowledge as possible try to learn PHP, JavaScript frameworks and languages, have that extra edge over your competitors and try to push the limits with your skills.

On Freelancing and Blogging

A blog is not only a platform to express your thoughts and opinions its also a way to show your expertise and to reach out and connect to people.

Possible Reasons Why SandPress Won

In my interview I said that choosing a color scheme was important and it should appeal to the larger audience. If you look at the spread sheet With the Points the judges gave for each design you’ll notice that the SandPress was awarded points (if you include runner ups) by almost all the judges. I didn’t try to make anything extraordinary or mind blowing it was just another simple theme with a BBH (Big Blue Header).

So was SandPress the best theme of the lot. No it wasn’t.

I like this comment from that Girl again on Small Potatoes’ blog it sums up what I want to say.

However scientific we try to make the judging process, it’s impossible to break down aesthetic decisions to a set of numbers or criteria to be fulfilled. We like best the themes we like the best, regardless of how many technical flaws we can find in them or how accomplished their competitors are. Seven designs were awarded first place by at least one judge. That proves how subjective these decisions are.

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Congratulations on the win.

I’m entering my plugin into the plugin contest and it’s very close and i’m worried as hell trying to fix a couple of minor bugs. I’m really hoping i win ^_^.

Congratulations ..! Its a nice theme indeed .. :)

congratulations man, sandpress is a great theme

Congrats to the winner:-) Sandpress is a great theme, no doubt about it;-)

dude friendship doesn’t see distance .I knew how much hardwork you put for it .. I have always been an admirer of your work. Great work … and congratulations once again .. :D

Kudos on winning man, it always feels good when you do something that is appreciated.

Three cheers from me Yipeeeee.

very, very cool and congrats.

Congrats on winning, I have been reading your blog for a while and it’s one of the few in my RSS Reader.

congrats, very cool theme. using it.

Congrats Buddy! Such an interesting article ;)! Cheers 2 ya! :D

Great job Arpit… u have done it. I am always a fan of your stuff :)

Excellent layout/theme. I’ve already forwarded it to a few friends. Great Job!


The theme is great! Congrats!