A Few Blog Updates And News

Its been a busy week since the closing of the SandBox Competition. I have been overwhelmed with support emails and feature requests. One things People need to understand is that the SandBox is a Complex theme and you need good CSS skills if you want to tweak it. I have changed my mind and I don’t want to mess around with the core files this would defeat the purpose of the SandBox Theme. I would suggest people looking for support to drop their comments in the sndbx.org forums where there are more people (Experts) available. I wish I had the time to spend and reply to all the comments.

SandPress To be featured in a Book

Lisa Sabin-Wilson contacted me a while back to tell me that SandPress will be featured in her upcoming Book WordPress for Dummies.

I have written the WordPress For Dummies book for Wiley Publishing and am currently in the final round of edits before the book is published. The book is due to be available in bookstores, worldwide, in October 2007.
I am writing to let you know that as I’m going through and editing the final version of the book, I’ve included your SandPress Theme in Chapter 18 – Ten Great Free WordPress Themes.

The Clazh Blog Reviewed in One of India’s Largest National Newspaper

Yesterday my blog was reviewed in one of the largest National Newspaper in India. It was featured in the Sunday’s Edition of Indian Express. You can read the 250 words review here on the online version of the newspaper. The review was done by Arjun Jassal a Science and Technology reporter of Indian Express. I haven’t seen the print version yet. I got to know of it only this evening. The other blogger to get featured along with me was Sakshi.

A Small Review By Dennis

Dennis did a small review Q/A about me you can read it over here. He’s been doing a series of reviews on various bloggers every week you can read the rest of them on his blog.

I am usually reluctant to join blog memes but I thought it would be a good Idea to combine it into a single post. Here’s one that RishiRaj Tagged me with a while back.

8 Random Facts about me

1. I learnt all my Web Design when I was jobless and unemployed for almost a year. Its all self taught I never liked learning from Books. I am a experiment, trial and error guy.

2. Most of the days that I Travel to office in a bus that is so crowded that people actually hang out of it. (Its the truth and I am not exaggerating, see pic below)

source manicturtle

Although its not this bad :)

3. I can sing and play the Guitar fairly well. In College I was part of a small Rock band with ben as the lead.

4. I hate Itunes and DRM its just a personal thing.

5. I love Everything about Apple the Laptops, website and software but I don’t like Steve Jobs and Apple’s marketing I guess I might change my mind if I ever get to meet him in person.

6. I frequently chat with a number of my regular readers. If you want you can add me on Gtalk ajacob[at]clazh[dotcom]

7. I get a number of requests for design related freelance work every week. I turn all of them down.

8. I am saving up for a new laptop. I badly want to buy a Apple Mac Book Pro but its way over priced here in India. Sadly they have not updated the APPLE India site with the latest offerings I had to phone up the dealers to find the correct price. I might have to settle for a DELL XPS 1330 or Inspiron 1520. I am going to wait till November or December.

The 7 P’s for Bloggers

Another Meme this time from cristianr Basically, what you have to do when you get nominated is to write something about yourself; I’ve been given an inventory of seven P’s that I will have to use in this description of myself.

  • Passion – To do something that touches peoples lives
  • Purpose – To make the world a better place
  • Pursuit – To do the best in whatever I am involved in
  • Position – ?
  • Pummeling – False accusations and gossip.
  • Progress – an ongoing process
  • Personality – Funny Geeky

If you read this consider yourself tagged.

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Heh. That’s great about Indian Express. You know, my wife is from India (sort of). I enjoyed the bus photos. Not too different than the NYC subway.

Congrats about Blogging for Dummies as well. I just hope Lisa didn’t drop my theme for yours. ;-)

wowow…..thts wonderful dude…

shld have told me earlier…now i have to search for the newspaper… hah
and yeah….the 7P’s are Perfect ;)

congrats for ur theme getting selected for the book …

@scott thanks. I rem seeing some nepal US site on your portfolio. Those bus rides are a bit crazy ;) I have got used them its a everyday routine.
@Rajan I came to know only yesterday evening. I am hunting for yesterdays edition still :(

Very happy to do it, Arpit – SandPress is a very nice theme and the timing of the wrap-up of the contest and the final edits of the book made it perfect for inclusion in that chapter.

@Scott – your theme remains :) There was one theme in that chapter that did not work after the WP2.2 upgrade and no indication from the developer that they would be updating – - so SandPress was the perfect theme to substitute :) The challenge with this book is keeping up with WP development, as a whole – - thank god for last minute edits! heh.

Hey cool man , congrats :) Its great to see your blog’s and your progress in such a short time :) . Keep it up !!

Hey Arpit, getting featured on a National Daily is AWESOME! Congrats! You rock! :D

Thank you very much for the link ;)

So you are becoming quite the celebrity and media darling now =P

@lisa so do you think I could get a free copy ;)

@kanak @shakar thanks

@dennis he he far from it my friend. I have a long way to go

Pretty impressive facts you’ve put up! I learn a bit of web designing when I used to bunk college classes and now I’m a full time blogger. Weird!

@thilak wow do you really blog full time ? I thought you were studying in college ? Anyway I might start blogging full time when I am in my 30s or 40s I have my reasons

I hate disclosing this, but I’m really bad in studies. I’m not yet 18, otherwise, I would have been working somewhere else and doing part time blogging.

As a designer, your life seems to be fun.

@thilak Oh I am not a Web Designer by profession I am a Programmer :). I just do the design thing for the fun of it. I guess if you were in the the US or Europe it would be easy to survive without a good educational degree but in India you need something to fall back on. I didn’t have great grades when I passed out of college in fact I wanted to quit half way through, but I made a really wise decision to hang in there.

I just took a year off studies, but I didn’t really give up! I’m still trying hard to finish it off.

BTW, what do you use to show those avatars? I have Gravatar and MyBlogLog, but my avatar still doesn’t show up!

I took a close look at that Bus photo. The number plate on that bus tells me that this photo was taken from my own city (Managlore). Where are you from?

Oh hey thilak good to know that keep going at it. I use only Gravatars. let me clear the cache and see if it comes up or not. The bus photo is not mine I took it from flickr see the link to the source below it :). By the way add me on gtalk (email id is there in the post above) unless you prefer talking through my comments box.

Late to reply here (been on a vacation)… anyways great achievement dude. Keep up the good work.

Oh yeah, I’m using a new email address, so the Gravatar isn’t appearing. Why don’t you use Myavatar plugin, it supports both MyBlogLog and Gravatar.

I don’t really use Instant Messengers, but talking through comments is always fun. What are your thoughts over this?

Anyways, I think… I’m talking off topic here, so feel free to contact me via email

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Sumesh » Yeah I noticed that. Its nothing to do with the upgrade. I noticed this after I imported the database when I moved hosts.