Part2 Top Ten Best Free WordPress Themes and Templates

Update: 3rd part of the series “Top Ten Best and Free WordPress Themes and Templates” has been Posted. Click here To read it.

Welcome to the Second part of the series “Top Ten Best and Free WordPress Themes and Templates“. In case you missed the First Part you can read it here.

I have been a bit late in publishing this. But rest assured I have managed to collect some of the best and excellent high quality WordPress themes and Templates in the past four months. While last time I featured some really good WordPress Themes. This time I found that most of the Themes that made into the Top ten list were themes and templates that the Theme authors themselves are using or were using in the past.

Best Cool Blue WordPress Themes

1. Fresh, Dark, and Not-So-Fresh WordPress Template

These are some of the most amazingly designed WordPress theme and extremely popular templates. They were originally Designed by the amazing Web Designer for his own personal blog which runs on Expression Engine. These themes have been featured on a large number of CSS Galleries. Every time bartelme redesigned his blog he would release the previous theme to the public. Ilemoned took the trouble to convert the themes into WordPress templates.

The Dark Theme: is the latest release from bartelme and is ten times better than the Fresh Theme. It is a multi-column WordPress Theme with a extremely well designed interface.

Blue multi column WordPress Theme

Fresh WordPress Theme was the original release its a two column, cool blue, soothing and extremely fresh looking WordPress Theme.

three column Blue WordPress Theme

Not-So-Fresh WordPress Theme is a variation of the same theme in black and orange colors.

three column dark cool WordPress Theme

Dark Theme Download and Demo Link: Dark WordPress Template
Fresh Template Download Link: Fresh WordPress Template
Not So Fresh Theme Download and Demo Link: Not So Fresh WordPress Template

2. iTheme WordPress Template

Apple fans would love this WordPress theme since as the name iTheme suggests, is inspired by the interface of an Apple OSX. It makes use of a nice blue background, has a cool looking search bar on top.The best part is that You can drag and rearrange the boxes in the sidebar.
Cons: The CSS may cause a few Issues in IE.

Mac Based OSX WordPress Theme

Template Download link: iTheme WordPress Template
Theme Demo Link: iTheme demo

Top Beautiful Green WordPress Templates

3. GreenDog WordPress Theme

This is a Green and White two column WordPress theme called GreenDog. While I am not very clear who exactly the author is since the site is in Russian. This is a really well designed WordPress theme.I am tempted to label it as a Web 2.0 WordPress template since it makes subtle use of gradients with lots of white spacing. I especially love how the Search box is designed. Though some people might find it a bit too over sized. A good combination of simple colors and Gradients, very Web 2.0ish style
Cons: Needs some work on the CSS since it sometimes breaks in I.E

Geen Web 2.0 Style WordPress Template

Demo of WordPress Theme: GreenDog
Theme Author and Download link:

4. Lemon Lime And New Order WordPress Themes

A very professional looking Green and White WordPress Theme / Template. This template was originally designed for the Far.From.Fearless blog and has been featured in a number of CSS galleries. The author decided to release this beautiful theme to the public. This is a Three column WordPress theme and the author has been kind enough to provide the Photoshop PSD file so that can make variations of the theme.

Professional WordPress Template

For Example The New Order Worpdress Theme is a excellent Variation of the Lemon Lime Template.

Pro Professional WordPress Theme
Cons:You need to Do some wordpress hacking if you want to achieve the effect or look and feel that author has implemented his blog.

Download & Demo of the Lemon Lime WordPress Theme: Lime Lime
Download New Order Theme: Writerspace

5. U4 Style and U5 Style WordPress Theme

These are two hemmingway inspired WordPress themes. U4 is a Light colored theme while U5 is a dark colored theme. Great themes if you would like to show lots of content in a limited available space without the need for the users to scroll to the bottom.

Green Free WordPress Theme

Light Green Free WordPress Theme

Download link to U4 Style & U5 Style WordPress Themes: Download U5 & U4 Templates

Best Artistic White WordPress Themes

6. Merdeka and Marki WordPress Themes

These are two beautiful and Back and White artistic WordPress Themes by the same author.
The Merdek WordPress Template is a single column WordPress theme, it has a cool and nifty sliding menu on top. It looks very minimalistic and clean with lots of free white space. Though the fonts are a bit too small if viewed on higher resolutions. The design manages to focus on the content very well, since the sliding Menu on top hides away the clutter of navigation.
Cons: The Font size is too small on larger resolutions, the use of Javascript for the menu may have a negative on SEO.

Clean Artistic White WordPress Theme

The Marki WordPress Theme is dark 3 column wordpress theme. The layout is well designed and the sidebar is very organised excellent for blogs which have a lot of content or ad blocks in the sidebar.
Cons: The font size is too small on larger resolutions.

Clean Dark Artistic WordPress Theme

Download Link For Merdeka and Marki WordPress Themes: Here
Demo of MerdekaTheme: Merdeka Theme
Demo of Marki Theme: Marki Theme

7. JsTheme and Plain Box WordPress Themes

These are two themes by the same author. Both of the Themes are based on the famous K2 theme but its very hard to tell that these Themes are a k2 mods. These Themes have been featured in certain CSS Galleries. Since they are based on the K2 WordPress Theme, these themes have a support for a large number of WordPress plugins by default. These theme are mostly suitable for personal blogs, you can display your Flickr Photos, music you’ve listen to, etc in different blocks on the page.
Cons: lots of cleaning up to do in the code, a bit bloated.

Wordpress Artistic Clean Template

Artistic White Clean Theme

Download link for the JS WordPress theme: JS WordPress Template
Download Link for the Plain Box WordPress Theme: Plain Box Template

Top Clean Content Focused WordPress Themes

8. Blogging Pro WordPress Theme

A very clean minimalistic, three column, content focused, Worpdress template. Again this was an original theme developed for the bloggingpro blog which was later released to the public. It has a a nice search box on top. This theme has been an instant hit since it appeals to a large number of serious bloggers. Apart from the fact that the design focus on the content it is easy to place ads which look unobstructive blogginpro itself is a great example of this.

Professional Blogging Adsense WordPress Theme

Download & Demo Link for BloggingPRO WordPress Theme: Blogging Pro Template

9. GridLock

This a magazine style WordPress theme. According to the author it is a

An über-strict, ultra-clean, super-cool magazine-style WordPress theme for the blogging élite or aspiring blogger.

I have to agree with the author since this theme does a good job of displaying the content in a very readable format.
Cons: This theme doesn’t behave well in IE and is made for Firefox.

Professional Blogging Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Download Link for the Gridlock WordPress Theme: Gridlock Template

10. Redoable

This is a clean dark theme. If your not a fan of White and like dark themes then your sure to like this Theme. It is based on the K2 Code base, which means it supports a large number of wordpress plugins out of the box.
Cons: This theme doesn’t behave well in IE and is made for Firefox.

Professional Blogging Dark WordPress Template

Download Link for the Redoable WordPress Theme: Redoable Template

11. Salmon

Ok I know I said Ten but here’s a Bonus Theme. This is another clean dark and beautiful WordPress Theme. Its is based on the author’s own site whose design has been featured on a large number of CSS galleries. A bit similar to the blogging Pro theme but of a darker shade. The theme is well laid out, easy to read and looks professional.

Cons: Sidebar breaks in IE, Css needs some more work.

Dark Beautiful wordpress Template

Download Link for the Salmon WordPress Theme: Salmon Template

Other Notable WordPress Themes and Templates

11. Sakura Theme

12. Cherry Blossom Theme

13. Peaceful Rush Template

14. Minyx Theme

15. Theme Leia

Note: Since a lot of effort and time has been gone into making these themes and templates. Please respect the links to the theme author’s page.

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thanks for featuring 2 of my themes and thanks for bringing up the issue with the theme as well..

@ikram You are welcome. I love your work and templates. Hope to see more Cool WordPress Themes in the future.

Thanks for including Redoable in you list, and for those interested the IE issue is only relevant to IE6.

yeah,all the themes are good design

@Dean your are welcome
@andor Thank you

Appreciate the mention of salmon on your list. I’m going to be releasing a new version soon with fixes to the common issues everyone mentioned as well as some new enhancements.

Great designs. Bookmarked.

Pretty cool list! I love your theme too, looks great!

thanks for sharing list of really nice templates. This seems really usable for me.
Thanks again!

Most of these are awesome. Large readable text, lots of white space, high contrast.

Others…not so much.

I really thought we had moved beyond the tiny, cramped text and the low contrast text/background color combos (gray on gray?). I guess a lot of people care more about how stylish (based on 2001 concepts of style) their blogs look than how readable they are.

Ah man thanks you!!! All these themes look great in particular the strange Merdeka one.

Thanks for this list! (Found you buy googling k2 top wp themes) xD

I love this themes :)

Thank you for sharing this examples of how beautiful WordPress can be.
(I use my own WordPress theme on my blog).

@Jaan and @Carlos thank you and your welcome

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I’d like to throw out the durable theme, recently widgetized here:

It is award winning – and was only missing widgets. But now it’s ready!

Great collection. I have always wondered, why arent there any good templates for blogger ? After all, its just a combination of CSS and HTML.

I hope, my new DF Black Theme will be added on the part3 of this article :)

@Navdeep Don’t worry mate its already on the list. :D

Great looking designs, but not the best templates. :)

Thanks to your good theme… it looks very nice…

Nice collection. Thank you for wour work. We using “not so fresh”,… but looking for some new stuff. I think we discovered the right to collection to find.

Thank you

hey why dont u release the theme in this site ** chuckles

Man! You guys just make my life tougher. I like all of them, but I can only choose one. Or I have to create one blog for each of them.

Who said that “A good coder can not be a good designer”. You guys do both well.

Will make up my mind to chose one of them.


Hi, just wanted to say you have a very nice blog, am gonna add it in my website in the blogs section, but i think you should replace your background with a better one.. but this is just my opinion :)

Most of these themes are great I must admit. Anyway, why don’t you check out my theme at:

I am sure you will like it. :)

What happen to my comment? Got caught by the anti-spam thingy?…

Great list here. My favorite from this list is iTheme, but I like the 3 column version the best. :)

It’s great. Thank you very much for help me to find out my web design.

Excellent themes

Great themes! I currently use the iTheme and I love it EXCEPT for the problem with IE7. If just Microsoft would get their act together.

thanks great..

all the themes are good design, thanks

GridLock, my favourite of the list… but most of them are very nice, Im gonna try some.

Excellent List! Good taste.

Check out my theme: Phokus Light

my best one gridlock

all the themes are good design, thanks

I just started my wordpress.How to add i3theme to my wordpress.Please anybody can help me with some instructions.please mail me or leave a comment here..please help..

is there anything else? I am looking for more themes, cool theme, so that I could share to my friends.
Thank you very much.