7 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks And Digger Hate You

Ever seen the word Blog Spam being repeatedly used by a number of DIGG users. My last post “15 Crazy Cool Photo and Video Sites” almost made it to DIGG before it got buried even though I managed to get more than 40 DIGG Votes. I have been trying to figure out why it got buried. Here are a list of reasons why I think I/we suck most of the time.

Rehashing Re-posting News.

Your blog doesn’t have any original content. You survive solely by re-posting and rehashing news from around the Internet. Your posts are barely more than a paragraph, half of which has been copy pasted or reworded from somewhere else. You leave a tiny link at the bottom to credit the original source.

No Authority

Even though you’ve been blogging for a long time, you are a jack of all trades and master of none. You do not have any authority over any particular subject or niche, Or your posts do not reflect any expertise. You are happy being what you are, and you see no room for improvement or progress.

No Tact Or Diplomacy

You’ve been know to be very outspoken and critical, and have used abusive language. You don’t know how to be diplomatic. You don’t have the tact or diplomacy to word your content carefully without hurting others. You are a Smart-ass Show Off etc etc.

More Ads than content

Your Blog is laden with Ads and Affiliates links. Your blog is about “make money online”. All you talk about is SEO, Adsense and how much money you made last month. Your posts are littered with affiliate links. Your always looking for shortcuts to gain quick money and traffic.

No Credibility

You do PayPerPost, ReviewMe and paid reviews. You do not disclosed in your posts and think your readers don’t know.

Language, Grammatically errors

You frequently make grammatical and spelling error. English is not your first language. You don’t run your article through a spell check before posting it online. You use at lot of OMGs, Lols and :) in your posts.

Bad Design

Your blog design sucks, its one of those commonly used themes which claim to be made for Adsense and SEO. The font in your design it too small to read. You are using too many widgets, blog bling to jazz up your site.

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Rehashing news are really common for blogs but to make it different, I think some good analysis from any news would be enough or being innovative from the root idea.

you are a jack of all trades and father of none.
Shouldn’t that be master… heeheehee

Jokes apart. I am not a very big fan of Digg. It seems to be a very very strange island, where no-one’s is invited. Although your analysis is correct for most of the part but it doesn’t fit in every situation.
For instance, it happens that a user comes up with a genuine piece of story and gets buried. Another “Well Known User” comes up with the same story at some other link and bang! It makes to the front page.
By the way, I feel reddit users at least visit your story. Most of times the diggers (what kind of name’s that) don’t even care to visit the link.

Whatever! I am least bothered about it. (Though I’ll digg a story if I find it interesting) :)

@kas your right I consider doing a analysis and doing a good review a original post :)

hmmm…this post makes sense…i guess this should be digged and not buried :)

Few solid points on the slashdot audience. ;)

@bipin Thanks I corrected the typo. Great find my respect for “Yoda the Retard ” increased 10 folds

Ten points for irony if *this* post made it to digg front page.

@anirudh if it does make it I wouldn’t be the one submitting it ;)

Great observation, I agree with you. I’m still to be dugg! :-)

I think any blog post, even if its about SEO or AdSense or how to make money online, is worthy to be dugg if and when the situation warrants assuming the post is of quality determined by originality, usefulness, relevancy and author knowledge.

Do not bother to get on Digg Frontpage, rather pay more attention on get stumbled on StumbleUpon. It is much worthwhile. ;-)

Yes, it’s .. however, very funny.
… yeah, really many blogs are All about “How much I earned ” last month :)

Well, I will do this favor and Stumble it. I’ve never even been to Digg or Reddit, so i don’t really care about the ranking thing. And I agree about the blogs that are only about SEO and AdSense.

Do you mind if I blog whore and link to This Post? I talk about the reasons that blogging can suck for someone who merely wants to write.