2007 Year Of the Apple Bashing

Apple is the new Microsoft or so they say, 2007 has been a great/bad year for Apple. I am seeing a lot of Apple bashing taking place place, grow up people its just a company. Though I admit it is one of the most tight lipped closed company. Lets see where they seem to be screwing up.

  • Locked iPhone and iPods. (Apparently according to Apple Safari is a SDK)
  • The lacklustre launch of leopard, Major Upgrading problems. 300 new features yeah right, take a look and tell me if Descriptive Error Messages, Updated Language Guide, Russian Localization and ripping off Spaces from Linux counts as new features, you know something is wrong with what you are doing when people are hacking your code to make the menu bar opaque.
  • Hardware problems, System Hangs, Restarts etc. (after paying them a premium for their superior hardware)

I wasn’t aware Apple needed to hire PR people, it gets free press from most of the media journalists and bloggers, they’ll gobble down anything to do with Apple.

Found this today on the valleywag Blog.
A British journalist attempts to ask Apple executive Phil Schiller a question about the effective iTunes monopoly on downloads for the iPhone. Apple’s PR people jump in and try to end the interview, saying how they’re “excited” about the iPhone and “want to stay focused.” The problem? Their body language betrays them.

More from the valleywag Blog.
I never ran this myself, but through a friend of a friend I heard that Apple PR teams are not allowed to communicate internally with one another, i.e. the iPod PR people are not allowed to know what iMac PR people are up to. It is totally divide-and-conquer inside the company.

Externally, you’re also not supposed to cultivate relationships with journalists. It’s the complete opposite of other vendors. In fact, my friend said, if you’re an Apple PR person and you are seen in the company of a journalist, at a party or any place other than an Apple event, you better have a good reason why.

Source: Valleywag

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It saddens me it really does. Since I installed Leopard 2 weeks ago, I have experienced more crashes than I have since I bought my first Mac almost 3 years ago.

What’s going on with Apple?

Funny video. I have to agree with the apple bashing, I got Leopard for my work laptop and it’s a lot wobblier than Tiger. My home computer will therefor not be upgraded any time soon.

dude you missed out the most imp launch of IPHoNE ~~THATphone can kick every phones but(if it had bluetooth) otherwise the best phone i have ever seen